for two


* two potatoes
* 150g chopped beef
* a half size carrot
* a half size onion
* six slices of a field pea
* two teaspoons of sugar & soy sauce
* a cup of soup stock >> "A"
* a teaspoon of sesame oil

how to cook

  • Slice the potatoes into 4 blocks. Chop up a carrot and cut the onion arch-shaped.
    Take a sinew from six field peas and boil. Mix"A".

  • Seat the sesame oil on a pot and fry beef. When turn the color, put carrots and potatoes into the pot, and fry more.
  • When the oil goes , add onion and mix, then pour"A"into the pot.
    Boil medium for five minutes with a small lid resting , when "A"boils.

  • Mix up and down greatly with wood-spatula, boil again for five minutes with a small lid resting. Put out the fire and stay for a minute. Pile on the dish and garnish ① field peas.