A mackerel boiled with miso

for two


* two slices of mackerel
* 4 versatile green long onions
* a ginger clove
* two-thirds cup of water
* three teaspoons of liquor
* two-thirds teaspoon of soy sauce
* 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar >> "A"
* two teaspoons of miso

how to cook

  • Cut mackerel's skin cross-shaped, and put it on a colander and sprinkle boiling water. Wash lightly with water, and absorb moisture with kitchen paper.
    Cut Versatile green long onions about 3 cm , and cut ginger into juliennes shred ginger.

  • Put "A"into the pot and mix, then put mackerel with lined up.
    Boil for 4~5 minutes with a small lid resting.

  • Add miso to the vacant of pot, and pour into with mixing it with a whisk. Add versatile green long onions and boil for a little, then put out fire and pile on the dish along with ginger.