Ginger grilled pork

for two


* 200g pork loin for ginger grill
* two teaspoons of soy sauce and liquor, a teaspoon of mirin,
  a pinch of ground ginger >> "A"
* a half of carrot
* two slices of cabbage
* a half pouch of bean sprouts
* a teaspoon of oil
* a bit of salt and pepper

how to cook

  • Put the "A"ingredients together in the vat, pork into it and line up with mixing, then stay for ten minutes.
  • Cut carrot in rectangles lightly, and cabbage into the same size of carrot.
    Heat up a pan with half quantity of oil, and add carrot, cabbage, and bean sprouts in order, then fry with salt and pepper, pile up the dish.

  • The oil of a half is heated put ①'s pork drained juiciness into the pan,and fly both sides. Reserve the drip is reserved.
  • When turned the color of pork, put into the reserved drip is added. Mix pork well with boiling, pile up the ②'dish.