for two or three


* 400g beef for sukiyaki
* a spoon of beef suet
* a few slice of napa
* a few shiitake mushroom
* half pouch of velvet shank
* 10cm burdock
* a green long onion
* half of onion
* 2cm carrot
* half pouch of shirataki
* half block of grilled tofu
* half bundle of garland chrysanthemum
* a few eggs
* crystal sugar, lighter-colored soy sauce

how to cook

  • Shave a few slice of napa ,cut shiitake mushroom decorated-shaped without a hard tip , and cut velvet shank's root down. Cut burdock into juliennes, and cut green long onion tilt, then cut thick slices of onion into semicircle-shaped. Cut the carrot into round slices and pull it out with a pattern. Cut shirataki, grilled tofu, and garland chrysanthemum into properly size for eating.
  • Heat up a pot or pan with a fire flame and melt beef suet, then put beef into the pot when crystal sugar turns into semitransparent and keeps the shape.
    Weak the fire, add a spoon of lighter-colored soy sauce and turn over. When the beef fries well, eat with soaking beaten egg.

  • Our the rest of beef and ①'s ingredients except for garland chrysanthemum into③'s pot, then add two spoons of crystal sugar, and lighter-colored soy sauce, last boil with higher fire.
  • Upset beef and vegetables, then put garland chrysanthemum. When vegetables boil, eat with soaking beaten egg.
  • *Put udon to the end... Put boiling udon and a teaspoon of water, then beat with long chopsticks. Arrange the taste with a little crystal sugar and lighter-colored soy sauce.