Tempura and mixture of vegetable bits and shrimp friend in batter

for two


* one-tenth of pumpkin
* a half pack of maitake
* 4 shishitou
* 100g peeled shrimp
* half bundle of honewort
* quarter size of onion
* flour, beaten egg , cold water >> "A"
* half teaspoon of flour
* frying oil
* quarter size of lemon
* a little salt

how to cook

  • Shift each flour, and chill in the refrigerator.
  • Cut 1cm size of arch-shaped pumpkin and separate maitake into small piece.
    Make 1 or 2 cut in the shishitou.

  • The shrimp's back removing and cut honewort at 2cm. Cut onion thin at 3cm.
  • Cold water is added to the melting egg of"A", it makes to 1/3 cups and mix with"A"'s flour.
  • Put frying oil (a few height)and heat up a pan middle(about 170゚C), soak ② in the ④. Fry pumpkin for a few minutes, maitake and shishitou for 30~60 second.
  • Add flour into the rest of ④, and mix with ③
  • Pile quarter quantity of ⑤ and spread on the fly for upsetting, then pour slide into the frying oil with long chopsticks. Hold with chopsticks in order not to separate. When thickened the surface, fry for 3~4 minutes. Fry the rest with same way. Pile it up the dish then garnish arch-shaped lemon and salt.