Cooked rice with soup

for three or four


* rice 540ml
* 1 dark meat from the leg
* a half teaspoon of soy sauce and sake >> "A"
* half size of carrot
* a thin slice of deep-fried bean curd
* a half slice of konnyaku
* one-third of burdock
* 4 shiitake
* 4~5 field peas
* 540ml soup stock,3 teaspoons of sake, two and half teaspoons of soy sauce,
  half spoon of salt >> "B"

how to cook

  • Wash rice and put on a colander.
  • Cut chicken 2 by 2cm, and mix with"A".Chop up a carrot.
    Pour boiling water into deep-fried bean curd and drain oil, then cut into six.
    Boil konnyaku for a few minutes, and tear to the pieces for a mouth.
    Chop up burdock, soak in the water for 5 minutes, and put on a colander.
    Cut shiitake half with its hard tip removed. Take a sinew from field pea, boil lightly and cut the half.

  • Mix ① and B lightly inside of a rice cooker, then pile ingredients except for field bea up rice cooker and cook rice. Finish cooking, mix a little and serve the dish, then scatter field pea.