Cooked rice into pike

for three or four


* rice 3 a go, 540ml
* 3 sauries
* a little salt
* 4 shiitake
* a green long onion
* a ginger clove
* soup stock, sake, soy sauce>> "A "

how to cook

  • Wash rice and put on a colander.
  • Cut saury's head, then remove the insides and wash. Drain moisture, cut it 3cm size and pour salt. Put on a grill for fish. If the can only grill one side, grill for 5~6 minutes and grill the other side for 4~5 minutes. If the grill can both side at one time, grill for 7~8 minutes. Cool the heat, remove born and keep it.
  • Cut shiitake quarter with its hard tip removed. Cut green long onion at 1cm.
  • Mix ① and "A" lightly inside of a rice cooker, then pile ②,③up it and cook rice. Finish cooking, mix well and break up saury into pieces. Then serve it on the dish, scatter shredded ginger.