Chirashi Sushi

for three or four


* 8 shrimps
* two teaspoons of sake, a little salt >> "A"
* half of raw tuna
* a teaspoon of soy sauce
* two eggs
* a teaspoon of sugar
* a little salt and oil >> "B"
* 6 dried shiitake
* a teaspoon of sugar, soy sauce, and mirin,
  one-third cup of reconstituted shiitake soup >> "C"
* six peas
* a little salt
* 4 teaspoons of salmon roe
* vinegar rice 3 a go
* 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of white roasted sesame
* oil

how to cook

  • Reconstitute dried shiitake with soaking water, remove hard tip. Put it and "C"in the pot, boil for 12~15 minutes at weaker flame in a pot with a small lid resting until most of juiciness removed. Cool the heat, and cut it the half.
  • The shrimp's back removing and put into the pot with "A", then steam for 1~2 minutes with a lid. Cool the heat, peel a shell. Cut tuna at 7mm size, and pour soy sauce.
  • Beat eggs and mix with "B". Heat up a pan with a bit oil, then pour beaten egg and make a thin omelet. Cool the heat, cut it 2 by 2cm.
  • Take a sinew from peas, and boil lightly with salt added boiling water, then cut tilt.
  • Make vinegar rice with referring the right, and add white roasted sesame. Mix and serve in the dish. Arrange ① to ④ and salmon roe that is pleasant to the eye.