Tofu and namekomushroom into and miso soup

for four


* three cup of water
* 20g dried small sardines
* half block of tofu
* a pack of nameko, 100g
* two and a bit teaspoon of miso, 40g
* a little versatile green long onions

how to cook

  • Make stock with dried small sardines.
  • Remove the insides of dried small sardines, and tear. Heat with water, and boil at weaker flame for six minutes with shifting the rid when boil the water. Put out the fire and filter.
  • Cut the tofu 1 by 1cm.
  • Wash nameko roughly.
  • Pour stock into the pot, and put on fire, then add tofu and nameko.
  • Pour miso with mixing into stock.
  • When come to a boil, put out fire, and put versatile green long onions into the pot.